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Protective Series Welding Helmet

Welding helmet redesign protects the welder holistically from immediate dangers, and long-term health effects that develop over time.

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Miller Protective Series


This project focuses on working through all phases of product design. The focus is on establishing design methodology and actual product development. The topic I chose to study for the project is Welding. My father founded a Steel fabrication shop and has been in business for 35 years. As a child, I admired visiting the metal shop and tagging along with him at job sites and observing his workers. I saw the perfect opportunity to do this as a designer and utilize his resources and connections. By immersing myself into this industry I was able to identify new insight and and design opportunities.



The Problems


Tunnel Vision

Current welding masks restrict vision to an extremely small slot, with no peripheral perception at all. This creates dangerous situations where the welders are unaware of their hazardous surroundings which can lead to serious injuries.

Toxic Fume Inhalation

Exposure to welding fumes can lead to lung damage, various types of cancer, including lung, larynx, urinary tract, metal fume fever, stomach ulcers, kidney and nervous system damage. Welders know the consequences of not wearing a respirator but are willing to sacrifice their safety for comfort and convenience.

Exposure to Burns

Welding arcs and flames emit intense visible, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation. Long-term exposure to can lead to developing ocular melanoma and various types of skin cancer. Current helmets protect the front but leave the top of head and neck exposed to burns from sparks and reflected UV radiation.


The Redesign


Wide-view Lens

The Wide-view lens provides peripheral perception. Provides excellent viewing area and prevents tunnel vision. Widens the field of vision and enables the user to be more aware of dangers such as moving machinery, tools and other hazards.


Integrated Respirator

Designed to increases the users comfort and convenience. The internal face piece lifts up and down with the mask, making it easier to communicate on job sites and protect welders from exposure to carcinogenic fumes while welding.


Retractable Headguard

The retracting head guard provides unrestricted and protection from sparks, burns, and UV light. The ultra-light carbon fiber headguard design enables air ventilation to reduce heat stress.

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