Brand Identity

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Brand Identity


The approach for this project was to create a brand identity that captures the essence of my lifestyle, and perspective as a designer. 

Surf Branding-23.png
Surf Branding_Artboard 14 copy 2.png

The color palette represents the characteristics and riding style for each board: Yellow represents energy and speed, black represents seriousness and control, while the navy blue represents calm and peaceful.


Surf Branding_Artboard 14 copy.png

Logotype is a modified Moon type slightly rounding the sharp edges. Type is placed vertically or horizontal under fiberglass, rather than the traditional handwritten pencil signature on the foam. Both marks act as my signature to the products.

Surf Branding_Artboard 14.png

The following mark represents my initials for Ofir Atia. It also expresses my approach on design, simple, geometric and bold. This logo reads well big or small and has a strong first read.


Each board has a unique board tag. These tags are placed underneath the fiberglass and then laminated. The tags display the following; board name, board number, the break it was designed for, its coordinates, a short product description, and the board dimensions.


Surf Branding-24.png
Surf Branding-25.png
Surf Branding-26.png

The following graphic uses a line to represent every inch on the board. From a distance it is designed to read as a rectangle and as you move in you see the fine details. The shape mirrors the board tag graphic and is laminated on top of the board.


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