Surf + Design

Personal project blending industrial design with my passion for surfing. Three boards were designed based off of specific beach breaks. Design, brand and build.


Product Design / Branding


Making Waves


This project was an independent study blending my passion for surfing and perspective as a designer. Three unique boards were designed to address specific needs while surfing at three unique and diverse beaches. All key design decisions were strategically based off of location characteristics and personal experiences.

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Project Background

Growing up in Los Angeles, surfing was a big part of my life. It was an escape from stress, technology, and my form of meditation, however, there was a reoccurring theme where I always struggled with deciding what board to bring. There were so many different factors that I needed to consider like wave height, swell, wind, beach break or point break and the type of wave.

I asked myself, “What if I used my three favorite surf breaks in Los Angeles, and designed my version of the perfect board?” This project is that “what if” in real, physical form.

This project touches on all aspects of products design - from research & strategy, user experience, branding, and prototyping.

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01/03Designed for County Line - created for speed, pumping, and flying down the face of the wave. Days when you take what you get and create something from it. Ridden short, with a wider nose and extra volume to increase paddle power to help get into any wave.



Designed for Point Dume - Entropy performs best in larger point breaks. Ridden a few inches taller to help get into those large rolling sets early. The single fin provides an excellent hold on those heavy rights, while the four angled side bites help lift the board out of the water allowing you to fly down the line with stability and control.

Shore One

Shore One

Designed for Staircase Beach - Shore One is a Mid-length board that allows you to have fun on small to medium days. Super easy board to ride with extra volume in the nose and chest area making it effortless to paddle.