Amy has seen multiple people pay with their Alphii cuff and has learned about the round-up model to causes. She is interested, but before she considers purchasing the cuff she wants to learn more about the philanthropic side. She downloads the app and signs up to learn more and explore the app.


User Goals

  • End Goals: I want simple way to donate and act on issues I care about.

  • Personal Goal: I want to be part of something bigger than myself and make an impact.

  • Experience Goal: I want to feel inspired and in control.

  • Social Goal: I want to connect with like-minded people and make a greater impact together.


Behavior Map

High level user flow outlining Amy’s behavior. Communicates the entry point, actions taken pre-downloading app and the steps taken to reach her end goal.

Customer Behavior Map: Amy

Customer Behavior Map: Amy



User Flowcharts

A visual representation of the sequence of steps and decisions needed for a user to complete a task and achieve their goals. User flows-charts help communicate how users navigate through the app.

  • B. Log in mobile app with email.

  • F. Onboarding: Activate Alphii Cuff.

  • G. Onboarding: Link Bank Account.




Representation of screen flow, by putting together low fidelity wireframes to communicate the content and functionality of screens. 




Middle-high fidelity representation of the app has the look and feel of the final product allowing the user to experience content and interactions. The clickable prototype is designed to simulate user interface interaction, test usability, receive feedback and refine the user experience.

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