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Neuvoir Fencing Mask

Neuvoir (new - vwar) stands for "new vision." The Head and Neck Support system introduces innovation to the historic sport of fencing. Neuvoir enhances both visibility and performance while protecting the user holistically. 


Neuvoir Fencing Mask

Research & Strategy / Product Design

The Project Brief for this project was to choose a sport for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and develop innovative design solutions. Design a product that pushes the conceptual boundaries and serves as an inspiration for others in the market. I chose fencing because I knew absolutely nothing about fencing and wanted to challenge myself and test my role as a product designer. Trusting the design process, talking to experts, identifying insights and opportunity spaces to creating a product that adds real value to fencers.


The Problems


Reoccurring Injuries

Veteran coaches have witnessed; Concussions from tripping during combat. Whiplash from lunges and blows to the head. Blade hits the back of the head & neck.


Past Failed Mask

In 2005 Athens Olympic Games the Lexan fencing mask was introduced. The visor broke and the Olympics banned the mask immediately. In 1982 Russian Fencing Champion Vladamir Smirnoff was killed from a blade going through his mask.


Poor Visibility

When asking fencers about their vision interviewee Ted Katzoff responded “You just play through, and try to get used to it.” Fencing is the 2nd Fastest sport in the Olympics behind the marksman’s bullet moving at speeds up to 120 mph.


The Solution


Head & Neck Support

Neuvoir is the first fencing mask addressing the problem of concussions and blade hits to the back of the head by enclosing the back of the mask. Sitting below is the first neck brace in fencing history, providing support without restricting movement.

A Redesigned Visor

The visor failed due to the flat profile. The window in  the shell compromised the masks structural integrity and the frames create shot traps for the tips of the blades to get stuck and cause breakage. Neuvoir uses an innovative approach to solve these critical issues.

Enhancing Visibility

The problem was not the Polycarbonate material, but the way in which the visor mask was designed. It was essential to re-design a mask that allows the surface to be seamless for blade deflection. The polycarbonate visor dramatically increases visibility for fencers. 

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