NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

During my time at ArtCenter I was given the opportunity to intern and contract for JPL working on two exciting missions.


Industrial Design


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA
Industrial Design Intern
Summer 2016

I worked on the Europa Lander mission Concept. Beneath the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa is perhaps the most promising place to look for present-day environments suitable for life. The primary mission goal is detection of organic indicators of past or present life.

As an Industrial Design intern my responsibilities included research, concept development, prototyping in support of the Europa Lander mission concept.

I had a chance to collaborate and work with a diverse team of planetary scientists, engineers, and technologist in support of the Europa Lander mission concept. My work ranged from building full scale lander prototypes, visually articulating spacecraft concept of operations and facilitating brainstorm sessions for the robotic arm sample collection.

*Work is in the process of being reviewed and will be updated once I receive for clearance.