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Sync and Harmony

A family of products designed to enhance the communication experience for couples in long distance relationships.

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HP Sync & Harmony


IxD for Consumer Products HP-Sponsored studio. HP Inc. & ArtCenter partnered up for one semester to conceptualize and design a more intuitive & connected computing experience. The mission is to redefine communication and interactivity with a human centric approach.

This project was worked on by an amazing team of four. Our scope was to use the power of computing to design a better communication experience for couples in committed, long-distance relationships.


Ofir Atia
Industrial Design

Calvin Lien
Industrial Design

Serena Jorif
Motion Graphics

Alice Yu
Graphic Design


The Problem With Current Technology


Technology changed the way we communicate regarding tools we use. But it also has changed the how we communicate on a personal level. We live in a world mediated by addictive screens that distract us from what really matters.

The screen based thinking trend has everyone asking "what app can we make?" There are over 2.2 Billion apps in the app store today and this number is drastically growing every year. We can access these apps on our "anywhere anytime device" and these apps are designed to grab out attention for as long as possible.


Why Design for Long Distance?


In the U.S 14 million couples define themselves as having a long distance relationship. And 10% of all marriages started out long distance.

The way we see it is simple. No Communication = No Relationship. These are individuals who rely on communication everyday and we can learn a lot from this audience. Technology has made these relationships possible but certainly not easy.


We interviewed real couples.


We Listened.


And Discovered Real Insights.


Technology lacks emotion, intimacy and feels unnatural at times.



In order for couples to grow they need to experience new things together and have a physical presence in each others lives.



Small daily gestures of love add up and create a sense of connection, meaning and happiness.


Our Opportunity


Create a device that embraces the way we communicate naturally and aims to create a more intimate experience. Create an experience where technology is embedded into our lives rather than distracting us away from what really matters.


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Sync is a device that redefines communication for couples. With its interactive surface, users can notify and receive availability and share intimate moments throughout the day.

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Harmony is an in-home device that allows couples to synchronize their living spaces, creating a more natural way to communicate as if they were together in the same room.



A Day With Sync & Harmony