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Sync is a device that redefines communication for couples. With its interactive surface users can notify and receive availability and share intimate moments throughout the day.

We focused on the experience rather than the technology needed to create this device. The concept was developed directly from our insights and we believe the technology needed to create this will be here by 2025. Sync is a simple, elegant device that enhances communication for couples in long distance relationships.


We wanted the user to have flexibility with sync. Users have the option to wear it, or simple carry it in their pocket.


Sync is a tiny device that produces a large impact with meaningful interactions.

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Sync’s interactive surface allows users to communicate with the device throughout the day. This responsive surface has a “skin-like” texture as if you were pressing into another finger and has jelly-like properties. When both users are pressing into the surface at the same time it becomes responsive and they can interact with each other mirroring gestures.

This creates a unique way to communicate without their phones. At this moment they are both thinking of each other at the same time. Its a simple gesture of saying "I'm thinking about you." This is a moment only they can experience. Not a text or a phone call but a gentle touch.


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With a simple two finger tap gesture users are able to share their availability throughout the day with their partner. The surface turns into a switch form allowing them to change their status from available to unavailable throughout the day. If both user's are available the surface will ripple and send out small haptic vibrations. Even if it's just 15 minutes after a meeting both users are notified and can find the perfect window to chat.

This features doesn't change they way we talk, but instead when we talk. This creates a relationship with less stress and pressure to plan and more spontaneity. No phone tag, no fragmented texts, but instead small windows of meaningful conversations.


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The Key to Harmony


Using near field communication Harmony detects if Sync is available or unavailable when user arrives home. If both users Sync's are set to available in their homes then their living spaces with synchronize and all IOT devices will activate.

If user's need their privacy and space they can set it to unavailable and thier homes will remain the same.