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Harmony is an in-home device that allows couples to synchronize their living spaces as if they were together in the same room. In the near future, we envision every household will be seamlessly connected with IoT devices.

Harmony utilizes these devices to create a better long-distance experience. Couples can use Harmony to video call, chat hands-free, cook dinner together, watch movies and play music for each other. These are key moments that allow these relationships to continue to grow and build a stronger connection.


It was important to design something that not just fits in a home, but belongs in one.

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Design and Display

The 7 x 3.5-inch OLED display screen follows the organic curves of the housing. We've added a slight angle to the screen to enhance viewing when the device sits on a table top. Speakers are hidden right behind the screen. Its unique design creates directional sound increasing the sound quality for the user.

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Rear Projector

Users are not limited to screens at home but can project on any wall in their home. Users essentially have access to two screens displaying different content. A nonintrusive mute button is programmable, with a touch of a button can mute select home devices.

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Charging Dock

Harmony can be lifted from the charging dock and be taken anywhere in the home. The dock has a secondary feature that rotates the device when motion tracking is enabled on video calling.

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Front facing camera

No more propping up a phone and stepping out of frame. In order to enable a more natural way to communicate we've added powerful sensors that enable motion tracking when video calling.

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Warm and Intimate Interface


Harmony's interface has access to which IoT devices are connected. And selected apps that can be connected such as Netflix and Spotify.

Users can access and control these devices in their home as well as their partners. The vibrant colors and motion of the home screen bring life into the home and represents your significant other.