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Designed for Point Dume.


A promontory on the coast of Malibu. When the swell is big enough the waves at Point Dume break off sandbar peaks and create one of the perfect rights in Los Angeles. These waves are heavy, and not for beginners. Notorious rogue waves emerging from the haze, hidden rocks, and aggressive currents. No web cams or drive-bys to check out the surf. It's a trek down to just get a glimpse, but when it's firing you'll get an unforgettable wave. The ideal board is a slightly larger board to get into the rolling waves with good stability, drive and speed.


Entropy was designed and hand-shaped by Ofir Atia. Intended to increase performance while surfing at Point Dume Beach. All key design decisions were strategically based off of location characteristics and personal experiences. 

Entropy Rocker.JPG



The bottom curve of the board from the nose to the tail is called rocker. It is the curvature of the surfboard that allows your nose to stay above the water when dropping in steep waves. Entropy is designed for larger waves with a steep face. Hence it has more nose and tail rocker. The shape features a smooth continuous curve from nose to tail.





Entropy is designed for Point Dume, and performs best in larger point breaks. Ridden a few inches taller to help get into those large rolling sets early. The single fin provides an excellent hold on those heavy rights, while the four angled side bites help lift the board out of the water allowing you to fly down the line with stability and control.  Shaped with a single concave that enters a deep double concave spitting out through the four side bite channels.




Surfboard fins influence the mobility, stability, and the overall feel of a surfboard. They allow a board to be controlled in the water in a way that would not be possible without them. They help to maintain speed and control while cutting through the water. The board rides the way it was designed but by swapping out the fins it completely changed the way the board rides. In the below graphics you can see the three various designs.


Series 1

Series 1 was designed with a long base providing drive and control. With a high degree of rake it performs well when drawing out long turns. Double foiled with a flexible tip to add energy when pumping.


Series 2

Series 2 was designed with a short base providing speed and hold. With a low degree of rake it performs well when doing tight turns and cutbacks. Double foiled with a stiffer tip.


Series 3

Series 3 is a hybrid of 1 and 2 was designed with a medium base providing a nice balance feel. With a medium degree of rake it performs well in most conditions. Double foiled with a semi-flexible tip.

Entropy Fin Set.jpg
Entropy Fins Board.jpg



I am currently testing boards and documenting the process. More content coming soon!