Ofir Portrait.jpg

Hi, my name is Ofir Atia.

As a kid, the best part of my day was when school was over and a skateboard was under my feet. It was where I experienced the freedom to push boundaries and express my creativity. Adrenaline sparked my love for learning and it’s what drew me to the field of design. 

I love the entire process. From total immersion in people’s lives, intense research and ideation, and unveiling new insights and opportunities, I am deeply involved from start to finish. Letting go of all preconceived notions and trusting the process paves the way to a clear solution. Whether it's working on spacecraft at JPL or collaborating with business leaders, I ignite the conversation through prototyping, visualization and making the invisible come to life. As a designer, I see the responsibility we have to bridge the gap between the macro and the micro ecosystems. I want to be part of the team that feels that adrenaline and makes the impossible, possible.